ExRFIDTAG® is an identification device specifically designed for use in hazardous areas.

ATEX certified universal RFID tag for mounting on metal, cables, and other surfaces. Screw-on, tie-on, or glue-on. Both for indoor and outdoor use, UV additive, most acid and solvent proof.

Detailed product description:

Readable: 0-3 cm

Use and store: -20°C to +60°C

Operating frequency: 13,56 MHz

NFC tag: ISO 21481, ISO 18092

Product identification according to ISO / IEC 14443-3

Data storage: min. 10 years / 100,000 read-write cycle

Data capacity: 144 bytes UID

Application: metal and other surfaces

Screw-on: countersunk M6 hole


RFID technology allows for rapid identification. The product can be read-written at any time, even installed. While you can scratch off or copy a QR code or Barcode, you can not do such with RFID tags.

You can identify with RFID Tags:

  • 1 pc installation (might come directly from the manufacturer)

  • Group of installations

  • Facility

  • Entry

  • Package

Make sure the inspection goes as planned!